July 31, 2005


Dogs on the Internet

The other day my person Mike showed me an old cartoon in a magazine he reads called the New Yorker. There are these two dogs, see, and one's typing on a computer, and that dog says, "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog." Mike thought it was hilarious but it got me thinking. Why not proclaim our doghood? How are they ever going to know our point of view if we don't establish our online dogdom? We need to step out of the closet (where only cats like to be, anyway) and stand up on our own four paws like the dogs that we are. So, this dlog's for you, whoever, wherever you are, you anonymous hounds. Alpha or beta, topdog or underdog, it's time to show ourselves to the world, fleas and all. To all of you, I say, Doggie Diem!

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