February 05, 2006


Find It, Boy!

Sometimes humans can even get on the nerves of your average happy-go-lucky Labrador. Mike was giving me a hard time last week at the beach for not being able to find my floppy disc. "Find it, boy! Hank, find it!" he was saying. But what'd he think I was doing already, sniffing around, my haunches going in circles? I just couldn't remember where I'd put the dang thing. "Come on, Hank, you just had it. Where'd you put it, you goofy galoot?"

Yes, well, this was rather like the Dachshund calling the Yorkie short. Because even though humans think they are, in the words of one of their better bards, "infinite in faculties,...in apprehension, how like a god," we, their canine companions, know better. In fact, there is no species on Earth who knows them as well. While children move away and spouses too often divorce, dogs are there as long as people want them to be. We take no vows, yet it it is we who truly take them for better or worse, in sickness and in health, to obey and cherish -- even when they're being pissers.

Mike's giving me a hard time for the lost disc is a case in point. Because there's just nobody spacier than he. I can't begin to tell you how many miles I've trailed after him in the house, my bladder bulging, while he's looking for his wallet... or his sunglasses (hey, Mike, look on your head already!)...or his keys (which he swears he had just a minute ago). I'm sorry but I've seen shellfish with longer memories.

Yet, whatever I may be quietly calling him as I trail along behind him, traversing the house for the fifth time looking for his damned iPod, I say little. (Though I suspect the iPod is actually in his pocket already.) I huff and puff but seldom whine, though you, dear reader, might say I've good cause. No, I am, after all, the understanding type. I still love the galoot. Because, as they say, to err is human, to forgive canine.

Well, if losing things is human, then it doesn't get much more human than me! And, that reminds me...where is my iPod, anyway? Or my keys, for that matter....

Hank, see if Mike can find his computer skills long enough to go get you this!!
ryc: here is a different spot for the "caution" article http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/dogs-life-in-china-is-eat-or-be-eaten/2006/02/03/1138958908252.html
-- endo
Poor Hank, I feel so sorry for you - to have to put up with that idiot Mike! :)
Yes, Dogs are there, always, no divorce, no leaving home and getting married, how true and how loyal!
Us humans need to get with it and appreciate our doggy loves. :)
I love labradors, and those photos are sooooo cute!
It really is easy, all you have to do is find something that gets them excited and go with it. From there, you can progress to getting them to find other items and being rewarded with something that they like but that takes a little more time

rare dogs are hard to find,Keep up the good work Hank
It is in their nature to be fogiving - dogs just can't help themselves. Good for us. Even when I stuff Rockwell in his crate, he forgives me when I take him out. Every time.
You are so tolerant Hank!

To forgive is canine!
Humans use us dogs for all kinds of stuff. Like when they have gas or burp ar just generally smell bad from not bathing for weeks.

Now this!

Well, ya still have to love em for all of their idiotsynchrosies (or however you spell that, the old bark-to-typalator has no reference point on that one as us dogs are all perfect.)

Hank looks like an amazing dog! Great blog you have going on also.
Hi Kimananda,

Ah, those pesky iPods. I think maybe they make them smaller just so the humans will misplace them and have to get new ones.

Hi Oreo,

Savory Sauce, eh? Thanks for thinking of me.

Hi Endo,

A very dismaying article. Thanks for following up.

Hi Katherine,

I'm afraid Mike is now pouting on the couch after that one;-)

Hi Carmel,

Thanks! I was particularly proud of the point. I don't resort to those too often.

Hi Sam,

I've heard of that. I think they call it the Pavlovian Primate Response.

Hi Juliar,

Very Labbish. I never held a grudge about being in my crate when I had one. But I sure was glad of homecomings and fresh freedom!

Hi Kimmy and Jacob,

Thanks! I try, though even I lose my patience once in a great while. My thought is that perfection is pretty dull.

Hi Cal,

Yeah, you've got to love them. Or at least most of them. I few of the truly cruel ones might be better left in the pound.

Hi Sadie,

Thanks and welcome!
Hank, just tell Mike to "find it boy, get it Mike, find the ipod" and when he does, just go hide it from him again. I am sure he loves playing hide and go seek just like you love playing fetch! ;-)
Hank, keep up the patience.

And nice quote from Byron!
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