November 27, 2005


If Every Day Were Thanksgiving...

:::: applause :::: - endo
Sounds - er, smells - wonderful. We used to let Uma lick the plates and it takes some scrubbing to get that slimy saliva off, I can tell you.
That sounds like a delicious dream. If only it were true! And I didn't know you liked the turkey skin...that's the best part.
You made me look up "gustatory," and it's a real word! You are one smart dog.
Hank, you are a poet! I too longed for the fragrant turkey. But I get raw chicken, so I really can't complain! My mom is terrfied to give me even a small peice of turkey, because she's afraid I'd have horrible gas. She says she can't risk it since she has asthma. Whatever!
Well done.thank you for the smiles!
love the site, I read quite a bit of it and enjoyed the pics.

I love all the blogs on dogs out there

I will blog roll you when I update again
Hey Hank,

Looks like you had a great time Turkey Day. I was slobberin' all over the place as I read your gustatoy exploits.

We celebrate T-Day with sauerbraten, potato pancakes, gravy, scalloped oysters, red cabbage and gooseberry pie. Mom has never cooked a turkey and is not about to start. The grandmas always did that. In honor of one of the grandmas who made sauerbraten we started the sauerbraten tradition. So I have cow on Turkey Day. Kinda weird isn't it? My friend, Tule, who always visits with her humans on T-Day didn't mind.

What are you expectin' to eat on Christmas? We are lookin' forward to chicken tamales, chili tamales and pork tamales, among other things. Again, weird, but dog are they good!

My dad has a friend who lives in the sunshiny state. Do you know him?


Hi Endo,

Thanks and hope you had a great T-Day!

Hi Juliar,

Gosh, why would you want to scrub it off?

Hi Kimananda,

Agreed about the turkey skin! Mike likes it too but I'm expert at making him share the things he loves.

Hi Woofwoof,

Gustatory a pretty cool word alright. Mike says I sometimes get a little gusty after eating certain foods but I'm not sure he's using that word right.

Hi Indipindy,

Asthma! Boy, if Mike and Molly had that, I'd wind up an outdoor dog, methinks. No, actually, I'm not so bad with gas except on the occasional holiday.

Hi Sam,

You're welcome. Your blog often makes me smile as well.

Hi m-fax,

Thanks. I'll certainly drop by sometime.

Hi Freda,

Ah, Chistmas! I've heard something about filet mignon at our house but it's only a rumor so far. Personally, I'm a big fan of ham but sauerbraten and scalloped oysters and pork tamales all sound excellent! Good eating, my friend!
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