January 17, 2006


Your Inner Goof

We all have our moments of goofiness. The thing is, humans try to play down those moments. Labradors, on the other hand, relish them.

Mike and Molly are always pointing out my goofiness. There's the goofy way I walk around the kitchen even while munching my dry food, spilling it along the linoleum as I go. (See, I just don't want to miss any action, so I like eating while keeping my eyes on my human packmates when possible.) Or there's the goofy butt tucking I've dlogged about before, or the goofy way I like to rub my back while walking under the dining room table during meals. (See, the table's just the right height, and I like to watch the alarm of inexperienced dinner guests who think they're experiencing a Florida earthquake as the whole table lifts and shifts).

Then, there's the goofy way I sometimes run through the water, especially when cranes, herons and any of those other insufferably elegant wading fowl are out there voguing about. And there's the goofiness of a giant lab rolling and lolling on his back in the wee morning hours so that half-asleep humans will rub my belly and drum his chest.

The list could, of course, go on, but my point is this: I've noticed that humans secretly adore it even if sometimes giving us a hard time about it. They don't want to seem goofy around one another (unless there's wine involved), but there's a love for humans on TV who act goofy. My guess is that every human has an inner goof dying to break out. In fact, my theory is that we dogs often help them free their inner goofs when they're alone with us in our living rooms or the back yards. Ever see the goofy expressions humans use on their canines, or the utterly goofy language they use? ("Haaankkeeee," mocks Molly, pretending the stuffed squirrel can speak and making it dance along the floor in an effort to get me to chase it. Goof rating? Four and a half biscuits, I'd give it.)

I adore humans when they get goofy. I'm just sorry they can't be goofy more often on their own. It's quite liberating, if not always pretty. For example, I've seen Mike dance. It's sight I wouldn't miss, but even I feel a tad embarassed for him. It makes my butt tucking look like a ballet, and it's just as dangerous to bystanders. And goofy? My goodness, yes. Give him five out five dog biscuits, with maybe a Scooby snack thrown in as a bonus. If there were a Westminster Human Show and judges were looking for goofiness, then Mike's dancing would certainly win them over. And I would be there, so very happy for him, telling him what a good, good goofy boy he is. My very own Best in Show goofy goofy boy.

Oh Hank, you are so smart! I pretend to be annoyed when Sampson carries his food in his mouth from his bowl to the kitchen floor so he can keep an eye on me, but secretly I think it's too cute. I also scold him (gently) when he rubs his face against every piece of furniture in the house but I really don't care.
My dear Hank, believe me when I tell you humans can be EXTREMELY goofy and you are right, they adore your goofiness and so proud of every aspect of you. We just have to PRETEND to scold you and be firm, as it's our job and duty... but inside we're giggling.
I miss the giggling in the same way as I did before the Ontario Pit bull Ban, when Shasta could play and have fun... and well, just be plain goofy!
Hopefully we will win the fight and all the fun goofiness can come back to us. *fingers crossed*
Oh boy... dogs are silly sometimes. Dogs make us laugh, which is good.. without laughter, we get depressed and don't always focus on the important things in life. How is it that dogs are so good at making us laugh? Possibly because they are so much like us! So when they do goofy things, it reminds us of something we might do. Admit it.. how many times has something you were wearing just happened to get stuck on something? My dog always gets his harnesses stuck on his blankets and then he drags them all over the house! How many of you have walked into a sliding glass door thinking it was open? I know some dogs that have done that. Or, how many of you have gotten stuck under a recliner? LOL
i think that humans used to be goofy everyday when they were kids, when they didnt care who was looking or listening. but somehow, when the kids got big, being self-conscience just took over the goofiness. too bad. i love it when mommy thinks shes a dog, hold a toy in her hands and does the play bow! -- endo
You are so right...goofy can be fun!
Such a big doggy!

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!

My humans are so goofy I just shake my head and lay down to watch. When they make a goofy high-pitched noise, I just tilt my head from side to side and they instantly give me attention and a treat.

I have them trained now, and it's getting fun.

Yeah, I don't think my dancing skills can be rewarded with any dog cookies, unless you also have cookies that are very repulsive? In that case, I'd probably score them all.
Freeing the inner goof! I love it! It makes so much sense. How many of us say things to and in front of our dogs we would NEVER say and do in front of the stuffy humans?
Hi Katherine,

Ah yes, the gentle scold. Nothing is as reassuring to a dog.

Hi Connors,

I hope goofiness makes a return to your life soon.

Hi Sam,

I've never been stuck under a recliner but I have under the corner of a bed. It's a sad sight and, yes, rather goofy.

Hi Endo,

You're right. There's something about the fear of goofiness being linked to adulthood. There's not much better in life than watching a well-meaning kid romp with a young dog.

Hi Kimananda,

I hope all is goofy enough in your life right now.

Hi Lyn,


Hi Cal,

Yes, sounds as if you've trained them well. Sometimes goofiness does pay.

Hi Astrid,

No "repulsive" cookies handed out around here. I'm sure your dancing couldn't be any worse than Mike's, and I thoroughly enjoy his.

Hi Joy,

You're right. Humans say strange things to me they'd never say to eachother.
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