October 29, 2005


Why Some Dogs Hate Howloween

I find humans to be spooky on Halloween. They tend to turn into monsters. And I'm not just talking about the masks and capes and creepy get-ups they wear. I'm talking about the fact they want us to wear that stuff, too. I recently read that about 10% of people who have dogs dress them up in costumes for Halloween. Is there any canine on earth really panting to become Yoda Dog? Darth Vader Dog? Maybe. But here's how I feel about it.

I so hate getting dressed up that I even have a love-hate relationship with my harness. Yes, I want it to go on (and will even stand on the sofa, my front paws on the arm rest, just to make it easier to get on) because I know it means a car ride and probably a raucous good time. Still, I often back up away from when Mike or Molly tries to put it on. It's just instinct, you know? The idea of putting me in a cape or a hat or a jumpsuit makes me want to slink away behind a dogwood.

So, before you dress your dachshund up like a weiner or your terrier like a frog or your Labrador like a....well...anything other than a Labrador, I beg you to reconsider. Maybe there are some dogs that like it, but I remain skeptical, despite my trusting nature. Here's my two scents: If people really want to give their dogs a treat rather than trick on Halloween, I suggest a stick or two of Pupperoni accompanied by a heaping helping of doggy dignity.

Hey Hank, it's okay for me to dress up my cat though right?

Happy Hawloween Hank
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As a dog, I must say I sometimes enjoy seeing felines frustrated by fabrics. Maybe some really do enjoy donning a costume, though I'd ask first. Better than a costume, to me, is if you can convince your cat to lounge on your window sill in the shadows as trick-or-treaters approach. In that case, you'll find they're better Halloween ornaments than spider webs or jack-o-lanterns. There's something fine, frightening and awesome about a cat in its birthday suit on Halloween.
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