February 09, 2006


Chop Water, Carry Wood

The Tao of the Lab is wordless,
though each breath holds meaning.
Without command, obedience.
Without direction, guidance.

Each day, Lab chops water.
Forelegs and hindlegs
part rough waves
or divide quiet pools.
Yet the lake remains one,
the ocean whole,
the Lab buoyant, sustained.

Each day, Lab carries wood.
Keisaku sculpted by wind water sun,
knocking knees, scraping calves,
making sleepy tourists wince
or scattering them like shorebirds.
Happily bearing the weightless
burden of this eternal moment.

Nice post and beautiful pics..

Wow.. sure I wish I can go for a swim too
Hi hi - sorry for the long absence!

That's a great pic and write-up - thanks so much!

Keep having fun Hank!
Looks like you made a fine catch there. "Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Lovely poetry, it sounds like a Haiku!
hank... you are my hero. i will strive to live my li... ::: ooh bird, i must chase it ::::..... -- endo
Hank, you are a wonderful exemplar of Zen philosophy. What a beautiful poem for us to ponder.
wow! awesome poem and nice picture! bark! why thank you hank! i cant wait!!!
good luck in your doggie life!

sorry for such a late response, havent got a chance to get on much. T_T
Hi Hank,
Do you have QuickTime installed? The videos or QuickTime files. My mom put a link to the QuickTime download site on my blog.
Wow, what big tree you have!
Good boy!
Nice Dog.

BTW,What is the sound of one mind clapping?
Hi Hank! I have never quite thought of Zen in that way. It definitely works!
Oh, what a sweet dog! Looks like he's been around for a while.
Love the post Hank! Good stuff.

Hank...stop by and see some of the Valentine's Day pictures I posted. :p
Hi Robin,

Thanks. A Labs gotta swim.

Hi Furkids,

Nice to see you back, and thanks!

Hi Ragus Pug's Mama,

Smaller sticks just have no interest for me. If it's not club size, I'm reluctant to fetch it.

Hi Indy,

Thanks. I'm a big fan of Haiku, but your comment allows me to indulge in this old joke: That was Zen, this is Tao.

Hi Endo,

Good job. Live in the moment.

Hi Miss Kitty,

Thanks. I'm far from perfect in this respect but I do try.

Hi Happy,

Thanks. There are a lot of pics with me carrying sticks, but this is among my favorites. Molly is the photographer in the pack.

Hi Indy,

I got QuickTime but still had some problems. No doubt I'm doing something wrong. Maybe they should call me SlowTime.

Hi Woofwoof,

The bigger the better, until it gets to the point where I can't move them at all.

Hi Hans,

I generally am, you know.

Hi Gary,

The sound of one mind clapping is a lot like the sound of one dog smiling.

Hi Kimananda,

Thanks. Glad it works. I've always liked the chop wood, carry water proverb, but this works better for the likes of Labs.

Hi English Prof,

Well, I have only, as Beowulf would say, "wintered into wisdom."

Hi Scott,

Thanks, and thanks for the visit.

Hi Kimmy,

I did and what a collection!
Hey Hank--

Tell Mike he needs to teach me how to do the links. I cannot figure that one out.


Lorrie :)

PS--Daisy says "woof"
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