December 18, 2005



I somehow feel it coming on, even before Mike says, "Jason's coming today." When he says it, though, I rush to the French doors and use my snout to push aside the curtains, checking to see if he's coming up the walkway. Not yet. Calm down. Not yet.

So I lie down again, though the feeling builds. I doze by the door, waiting so long that I forget that I'm waiting ... or what I'm waiting for. Yet some part of me knows because I can feel it building still - some nameless shiver of excitement buried under the the half-closed, bloodshot eyes of a recumbent hound.

Then, just when the feeling starts to melt away, I hear it. Faintly. A car drives up. Who is it? A car door slams and my head rises. Then there are voices, low at first, then louder, approaching. I give a low woof. Then I rise, sure that they're ascending onto the porch. And they are! I bark. Alarm! Someone on the porch! Intruders!

"Hank!" he says, "it's me!" And so it is! My packmate Jason, grown pup of Molly and Mike, has arrived with friends. I pant hard and wag and wait for him to open the door. And when he does, that feeling that had been building all afternoon finally erupts. It takes me over from head to paw. I tuck my hind quarters and gallop madly away from Jason, circling around the dining room table, back through the chairs, and then, picking up speed I butt-tuck toward Jason. I nearly run him over but turn sharply in the other direction and butt-tuck into the hallway. The whole house bursts with my excitement that JASON IS HOME!!!

"Calm down, Hank," he says. But I won't! My body must express this Labrador joy, must sing this wild Labrador song. I must run in circles and figure eights, around furniture, up on the sofa and down again, turning up rugs and knocking over wooden chairs. Butt-tucking is the crazy, barely controlled music of my heart. I am a massive, lumbering Labrador no more. I am the living spirit of holiday happiness, more festive than the brightly lit tree, more merry than Christmas carols. Jason is home! Home! Home!

Hey ,who you calling a butt-tucker?,Hank is not the only one that like to tuck his butt
Butt-tuckend is not limited to Labrador .ya know .
Its is a completely natural actvity.
It happens to be the way canines burn off excess energy.
Maybe you should try a little butt-tucking yourslef.
Happy Holidays .
butt tucking? i dont do that... but i do have the same display of excitement when mommy comes home... running in circles, up and down the hallway, yapping like the thirty minutes she was gone as if it were thirty years... - endo
Pure doggie happiness. Did you howl too, Hank? Can't welcome someone home without a group howl.
My Uma used to do the butt-tuck all the time. We loved it. Rockwell runs like a crazy dog in the house but doesn't really tuck yet. I am sure he will soon though.
not being a dog family, we're not familiar with this phenomenom. it sounds pretty wild. we cats are so much more....sedate. you sound like a fun guy, Hank.
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my dog is only a 3rd lab, and she butt-tuck's all the time lol..
My mommie calls it the "bull-run" for us pitbulls! She laughs at me when I start making a race track out of the living room!
Oh my God! My yellow lab Sampson butt tucks when he really, really excited but I never knew what is was "officially" called. Thanks for sharing! BTW, I must have the only lab on earth that HATES water. He actually will walk around a puddle and of course would not even dream of going outside in the rain - really, how silly.
lol. i dont "butt-tuck" anymore, im getting 2 old!!! grr, well nice blog! merry christmas!!!!!!!!!

Woof! Thought id just say hi!

Awesome post. Around these parts, the good ol' butt-tuck is called "The Labrador Shuffle." Good to hear that it's not breed-exclusive, though! It truly is a dance of joy....

Merry Christmas, Hank!

Jenny & Lomax
Merry Christmas Hank! Hope Santa is good to you!
Hey Hank,

Happy Butt-tuckin' and a Merry New Year.


Butt-tuck! Now that's the perfect name for it!
Happy New Year Hank! 2006 is the Year of the Dog, woo hoo!
Happy belated X'mas and New Year!

Seems you've been busy lately too! Hope all is fine and you're having fun.

Wishing you all a super 2006.

Take care!
Hi Sam,

Of course, I'm calling myself "butt-tucker" here and am think I'm pretty darn good at it.

Hi Oreo,

That's a lot of laughing from somebody named after a cookies ;-)

Hi Endo,

That circle run definitely contains the spirit of the butt tuck.

Hi WoofWoof,

You know, I'm not too big on howling unless an ambulance is going by. But I'd sure like to hear one of your homecoming howls.

Hi Juliar,

I'm betting a Rockwell butt tuck is just around the corner.

Hi Edsel,

Well, I've known some cats that weren't so sedate, but it's true that I haven't seen too many feline butt tuckers. I think maybe that'd seem beneath them.

Hi Klaneeko,

Glad your pooch has got the butt tucking gene. That Lab blood probably helps, though as others have pointed out, some other breeds of dog have also been known to butt tuck.

Hi Storm,

I think bull-run is a good name for it.

Hi Katherine,

Welcome. A Lab that hates water? Zooks! I can't get enough of the stuff. Well, at least we agree on butt tucking.

Hi Happy,

Sorry you're not tucking anymore, but it can be kinda hazardous.

Hi J.J.


Hi Jenny & Lomax,

Yep, dance of joy, though one sometimes followed by broken furniture.

Hi Jasmine Bear,

And a belated Merry Christmas to you!

Hi Freda,

Thanks! How you had a great one.

Hi Etchen,


Hi Indy,

Good point about year of the dog. Forgot about that.

Hi Cream,

Hope you're having a grand new year!
Oh, I just love it when any person or any animal is just absolutely passionate about someone or something!
lol. It rhymes with something else...
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