January 21, 2006


The Flight of the Alter Ego

They say every dog has its day. Well, in my case, that day is usually a beach day. At such times, I am transformed. I go from "Hank the Simple and Schlumpy" to "Hank the Buff Beach Lab," sea water glistening on my golden coat as I bound over the sand like some non-silicon-enhanced, interspecies member of Baywatch. No longer the poor little Shoeshine Boy of the Sunshine State, I become not bird nor plane nor even frog, but a whole lot more like Underdog.

At the beach, I tread with vigilance and determination. I engage in the sort of heroic acrobatics at which my recumbent house dog alter ego would wince. I am faster than a speeding floppy disc, more powerful than a local mastiff, able to leap medium-height beach chairs in a single bound.

Afterwards, of course, I slip quietly back into my normal routine: that of a quiet, slightly sore, exceedingly ordinary Canis familiaris. There is safety in such alter egos. But I'm comforted to know that at some point Hank the Buff will be called upon again. Because every dog has its day.

mommy thinks youre a studly looking dog. --- endo
Don;t mess with the Hank~ Nice catch!!! you show them how it's done,Arrrroooo
You go Hank! I'm sure all eyes on that beach were on you.
Hank, you are handsome...you are lucky to go on the beach. They do not let us beauties on the beach here in Pensacola.
Wow, who want to watch BatchWatch when we have HanktheDog.

What time will it be telecast, I will ask my human slave to record the show for me!
Wow Hank, you're looking so handsome in those finely taken pics.

You have your day, and hope you have many many more too.

Thanks for sharing!
Ah, alter egos. I like the sound of "Buff Beach Lab". Very clever to disguise yourself in every day life.
What great pics! You were clearly born to play disc.
Hi Endo,

Studly? Moi? Tell your moms thanks a bunch!

Hi Sam,

Thanks! Of course, I don't post my misses.

Hi Katherine,

Well, there was that one poodle in the bikini, but that was just weird.

Hi Ragus Pug's Mama,

Really? I guess there'll be no Panhandle living for me. That's uncivilized.

Hi Robin,

Hmm. Videos. Well, maybe. Stay tuned.

Hi Furkids,

Thanks! Those are my best sides.

Hi Juliar,

Yes, my mom was a very buff color, I hear. Can't remember myself. So buff has a couple of meaning for me. My story is that I turn blonder in the sun.

Hi Kimananda,

I dare say you're right. I'm a discaholic, though am not as much a fan of the hand plastic ones.
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