February 14, 2006


Happy Valentine's Day

-- But it's no use, says he. Force, hatred, history, all that. That's not life for men and women, insult and hatred. And everybody knows that it's the very opposite of that that is really life.

--What? says Alf.

-- Love, says Bloom. I mean the opposite of hatred.

From James Joyce's Ulysses

An appreciative woof to you, Hank, from my co-writer Sol the Weimaraner. He appreciates poetry but is not nearly as proficient at it.
Thinking about thinking in opposites and reading those who do is definitely a human trait. Hank, I think you may be on something. I mean onto something. Ohhhh you know what I mean . . .
Beautiful quote, beautiful book. Thank you for re-minding me of it!
Well done Hank!

Thanks for stopping by...
Happy belated vday to you all too!

Take care and have fun!
I love you for these beautiful words, Hank!!!
Wow, great post and pic, Hank! You are amazingly insightful for a dog. Or, perhaps, because you are a dog. :)
Hi Joy,

Thanks for the visit and please say hi to Sol. I enjoy your writings.

Hi Cal,

It's true. Humans are consumed by dialectics. Me, I'm more interested in nuances.

Hi Kimananda,

Thanks. To be honest, this quote was more Mike's doing. He's a big fan of Mr. Joyce's language. But then he's nearly as big an egg-head as Rufus, king of Westminster...but without Rufus's stalwart stance.

Hi Kimmy,

My pleasure.

Hi Furkids,

Thanks. Hope you have fun as well.

Hi Astrid,

Thanks. It's from a book of beautiful words, as I understand it. And many sardonic ones. For example, it also contains the line, "Love loves to love love," which sometimes fits the VD holiday. But I prefer the Bloom quote.

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for noticing the pic, which Molly took not too long ago. You'll notice those aren't ducks but cormorants, which are fairly rare in my lake. They're fantastic birds that enjoy a smim nearly as much as Labradors do.

Hi Rayleen,

Thanks. I hope Simba and Zoe are well.
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