March 12, 2006


Some Days Anything Seems Possible

You are so photogenic! :-)
you so freakin rock, hank. -- endo
Ah, happy, carefree days.
Hi Hank!

That looks like FUN!!! I'm wondering if you'd like to trade links with my blog -

Let me know and keep on running!

There's them Jesus Christ Lizards that can do that too. Every time I try to walk on water I get about two feet and whoooooooosh down to to the bottom and never come hiccup!

Somedays you're the bug, and some days the windshield.Hank you sure look AWESOME!!!
Even walking on water? Where did you gain those super-powers? I've ALWAYS wanted to do that!
I've always wonerede whether some dogs could walk on water.Now I know :)
Wow! It looks like you were having lots of fun! Wished I was there now... It is so warm here and water would be really COOL!

P.S.: May I link to you in my Blog?
LoL the dog that walks on water!
hey hank... mommy helped me move my xanga news blog... here is my new url - endo
Yikes, Hank the ninja dog!!! :D

Have fun always!
Hank, where are you?
Great blog Hank. Its so great to find another dog on the web. I thought we were the only ones!
Hi Kimananda,

Thanks! Molly caught my good side.

Hi Endo,

Somes days I rock, others I teeter. Carpe Diem.

Hi WoofWoof,

Yeah, I love those days.

Hi Bogart,

Thanks for the visit. I'll visit soon.

Hi Cal,

Well, I'm a born floater rather than a skimmer. But some days are just different.

Hi Sam,

Thanks. Sometimes the light is right for a good photo.

Hi Astrid,

I'll admit it's a bit of an optical illusion, but I sure felt super!

Hi Gary,

Well, I can't claim to walk on water but if you run really really fast...

Hi Raisa,

The winter is a great time to be in Florida. The weather's not as hot (though hotter than it used to be in winter) and the water's cool. Perfect for Labradors. Wish you could frollick a bit in the water here.

Hi Mary,

Glad we could give you a chuckle.

Hi Endo,

Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to visiting your new place and I'll change my link to it as well.

Hi Furkids,

Ninja dog! First time I've been called that but I like the ring.


I'm back but thanks for asking. Something like kennel cough was going through our pack, making dlogging a challenge.

Hi Pink Chihuahua Princess,

Welcome. I'm looking forward to visiting your site as well.
Wow, this could be an award-winning picture, I think. Can you really walk on water? Can you make wine of water too?
awww that is so cute!
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