June 02, 2006



Oh Hank! I am so relieved - as when I began your post, I thought it was going to end worse. I've grown quite attached to you, cyberspace dog!

Ear scratches and chest rubs to you Hank. And my warm regards to Molly.
Ouch! I'll hand you a Bob-the-Builder band-aid to ease your pain!
I send lots of kisses to make you better dear Hank!

(still fuming...)
Here are some puppy licks for quick healing.
Get well soon, Hank. Hugs and kisses. And warm regards to Molly, love to both of you. Your friend from India.

Eek! I haven't read the story yet, just skimmed to the happy ending...get well soon! :-o
We hope you feel better!

I want a new post so that I know you are mending ok and some horrible, terrible infection hasn't set in causing you to waste away and suffer.

Are you feeling better? Are you doing well?
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