July 16, 2006


Back Again

Head-hanging apologies for my desultory dlogging. I'm home now but was dog tired after a sojourn to the North, which I'll describe to you by and by. Home has never looked so fine to me. Here's just a bit of doggerel on the subject of home, a concept that no dog every truly appreciates until he's been on an odyssey of his own:


Home is where the dog is,
hot breath hankering for small signs,
footfalls on the porch,
an open dresser drawer,
the slight jingle of keys.
Life is here on the hard wood floor
reflecting light through a
window of ceaseless animation,
listening for starlings, watching for cats,
at home in a brilliant, seamless
moment of joy.

Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing your adventures again.
hank - you're a poet too! glad you're back.

Welcome home, Hank! Good to hear from you.
We missed you Hank and can't wait to hear about your excursion!
Glad your back Hank :-)
Hank...great poetry! A pooped puppy needs his rest. So stretch out and relax...we'll come back because we're doggedly avid fans of yours.
hey hey hank. me and my peepol are happy to see you back. i read your poem to my peepol and they said it wuz reelly good.
Hank - I found you surfing! Great site!
glad youre home, hank... and mike and molly too -- endo
Knock, Knock? Hank, where are you????
Welcome home...it sounds like the trip has made you even wiser than you were before.
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