July 04, 2006


Quick Note

Just a quick note to say I've been away on vacation and will get to the dlog soon. Have a happy 4th!

Happy 4th!
hope your 4th was a calm one hank. i know a lot of four foots that would prefer to skip the fireworks on the 4th. i have friends in bellingham, wa who head up to canada for a few days before and during the 4th with their two four-foots, cloe and lucy. cloe and lucy don't care for the fireworks and their neighbors typically have a lot of bottle rockets and such.

missed your posts - looking forward to a new one.
We wondered how you were Hank, we made our human check up!!!!
Love Harki and Peri Naughty
/bark bark bark

you are missed!

Happy 4th have a safe trip..

Licks!! Sam
Hey Hank

We miss you dude!

Get your blog on!

What you up to dog?

Vacation! Life is a vacation for dogs like us! But we have to humor the humans I suppose . . .


BTW your word verification thingy is getting way long - this time it's "pnvbycpvebgfsndj"

OMG! I'm exhausted just looking at it.
Happy 4th, or at this point, 10th!
Are you still on vaca? If you are, hope you're having a great time! See you when you return. --endo
Looking forward to your return!
quick question mate .. can dog's be racist?
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